1. Why do I need to do Identity verification (KYC)?
    Identity verification in a mandatory process to all LCX users. You need to be verified and approved to enjoy all our services. We take Identity verification(KYC) very seriously. It helps to prevent theft, fraud, money laundering and it is also important for regulatory requirements.
  2. What do I have to provide? (Add Images)
    a) Government Issued ID
    b) Selfie
    c) Source of Fund
    d) Proof of Utility Bill
  3. What documents are accepted as Government issued ID? (PDF)
    a) Passport
    b) National ID
  4. Do you accept a driving license as  ID proof?
    No, we do not accept a driving license as ID proof.
  5.  How do I submit Selfie?
    All the 3 selfies should have a handwritten note with “LCX” and “Current date” written on it.
    a) Front facing selfie
    b) Left facing selfie
    c) Right facing selfie
  6. What should I submit as Source of Fund?
    From where do you get money to trade crypto currencies. 
  7. Why do I need Proof of Address? (PDF)
    It is just a regulatory requirement from Liechtenstein. The document should not be older than 3 months from the current date.
  8. How long it takes to get approved after submitting documents?
    It can take at most 2-3 days if there are a lot of submissions.

Correct Selfie

Invalid Selfie

*If you still facing any other issues reach out to us via Intercom or our Telegram.

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