Welcome to the guide for setting up telegram alerts on LCX Terminal.

1. Go to https://t.me/LCXPriceAlertBot - select Send Message button. Make sure you are signed in the Telegram chat on your desktop computer or mobile device (phone/tablet).

2. Once you are in the Telegram LCXPriceAlertBot chat window, enter the following command:



Press the Start button.

You will see the welcome message: "Hey @Username!
To connect your LCX Terminal with our telegram price alert bot, please enter your email address in the same format as shown below:

/init [email protected]".

3. Next enter the following command with the registered email address you use to receive alerts on LCX Terminal.

/init [email protected]

Here is an example: /init [email protected]

4. You are now connected to our bot and you will start receiving price alerts via Telegram push message when selecting the Telegram option for alerts notifications.

We hope you enjoy our bot service. Please contact us by chat or contact page for any questions or concerns.

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