1. Log into your account at https://pro.coinbase.com
  2. Open the user menu in the top right corner, and click on 'API'.

3. Click on 'NEW API KEY'

4. Select 'View' and 'Trade' under permissions.

5. Take note of the Passphrase, as you will need that to link your account.

6. Enter your 2FA code if you have 2FA enabled.

7. Click on 'CREATE API KEY'

8. Take note of your API secret. Note that if you lose your secret, you will need to generate a new API Key

9. Exit the modal, and take note of your api key.

10. Proceed back to LCX, and navigate to the top left corner & click on Add Exchange button.

11. Select Coinbase Pro & enter your credentials on the right & click Connect with Coinbase Pro and you're all set!

Happy trading :)

If you face any issues in connecting your Coinbase Pro account with LCX Terminal, then feel free to contact us.

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